The Deyen Sarah Robinson Scholarship for Indigenous Women

This scholarship is given out annually to an Indigenous woman pursuing post-secondary education.

Sarah Robinson was a member of the Fort Nelson First Nation, the Saulteau First Nation, and married into the Toquaht Nation where she lived in their small village of Macoah as a beloved stepmom and auntie. She was a tireless Indigenous Women's Rights Advocate, Educator and Leader. She was also one of the sacred Knowledge Keepers that contributed to the videos for Deyen’s inaugural learning modules, “Canadian History Through the Lens of Indigenous Women”. People who she met once were so impacted by her - it's astonishing. She was a universal person that could talk to the leaders of the country, the province, lead councils, and then show her warmth to the homeless population. Sarah's dream was for “All Canadians to have access to learn from the original matriarchs of this land.” Sadly, and all too soon on her dance with us, Sarah lost her battle with cancer at the age of 35 and was summoned, in her own words to "rejoin the ancestors". The Deyen Sarah Robinson Scholarship is dedicated to her memory, teachings, and spirit. ILLUSTRATION BY BRIDGET GEORGE.